The overall governance framework for Healthy Options Australia incorporates both Corporate Governance and Clinical Governance for our clinical services.

Corporate Governance 

Healthy Options Australian has a well-defined corporate governance system that provides the broad framework through which the organisation operates, is regulated and controlled.  This framework is a critical factor in the overall success of the group. The corporate governance framework focuses on the need for continuous improvement practices across the group.  The Corporate Governance framework contains some the following elements:

  • Board practices 
  • Charters for the Board and Board Committee, 
  • Defines ethical practice 
  • Clearly sets our specific codes of conducts for its officers, stakeholders, consumers, constitution and government regulation. 
  • Clarification of conflict of interests 
  • The financial and operational reporting guidelines 
  • Provides guidelines for building confidence and maintaining positive relationships with our clients, consumers, stakeholders and staff.  

Clinical Governance

Healthy Options Australia has developed a well-defined Clinical Governance system that ensures and safeguards high standards of care and support offered in the service provision of subsidiary organisations. The Clinical Governance Policies of the organisations set out the quality and safety agenda for the development and delivery of services and programs.  They are structured to support emerging National and State trends in safety and quality and provides the overarching  framework through which the organisation’s implement and action services that strive for clinical excellence.  

Healthy Options Australia recognises that effective Clinical Governance  can only occur under a whole of organisation approach where organisational Boards; Executive; Managers and staff share responsibility and accountability for the care of service users and for the continuous improvement of the quality of services and programs.  The resulting framework is inclusive and represents recognised best practice principles that:

  • are underpinned by the Christian principles of the Healthy Options group
  • focus on individual and their families as the centre of decision making in their care
  • includes communication loops between the strategic direction and the quality systems in which we operate
  • allocates appropriate resources and delineates roles and responsibilities clearly and explicitly
  • builds an honest and transparent relationship with all stakeholders that promotes open disclosure and communications as a foundation for continuous improvement
  • holds continuous improvement structures, systems and processes as a centrepiece of all activities
  • promotes systems that demonstrate rigour in identifying, monitoring and responding to incidents
  • understands that performance management, monitoring and reporting is necessary in its ability to inform development processes and that collectively this is the key to our excellence in service provision

Healthy Options Australia is committed to continuously improving the quality of our programs and services and this is reflected as a focus of the groups Clinical Governance framework.  Some of the key elements include:

  • Professional development
  • Clinical auditing and review of practice
  • Clinical effectiveness based upon evidence informed practice
  • Clinical risk management 
  • Action research and action learning processes
  • Consumer, carer and family input

The Healthy Options Australia Board strongly supports the Clinical Governance framework, principles and activities and understands that collectively they provide and represent the essential keys to ongoing success.